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Marketing is one of the crucial sections in a business development and prosperity. It is an art of selling products and services in an alluring fashion to the consumers. Promotion and advertising of the products are done in this sector.  Market stands on four elements. The first being the product itself, the second being the production of the product, third is the marketing and finally the selling of the product. There is an approach of holistic marketing.  This approach contains four sections of marketing like the social, internal, relationship and integrated marketing.

Importance of Marketing

Marketing has importance both in society and business firms. In the society, marketing helps to acquire, maintain and augment the standard of living. It also helps to increase the employment opportunities and raise the national income whereas in the business firms the marketing is a link between the producer and the customer. Marketing or advertisement of a concern or a product is very important in the competitive world today. It is the heart of a business. Having a good product does not necessarily mean that it will have a good name in the market. In order to find a proper place in the industry today it is very important to let everyone know about the existence of the commodity concerned. Even if a company has a strong management team, the success might be hinged due to the failure of attracting the mass of the customers.

The marketing can be of two types in particular. The first one is the online marketing and the other one is the offline marketing. Though these days most companies utilise most of the internet facility and stick to the online marketing, offline marketing is still in demand.

Much software is available for performing online marketing today. They not only properly fulfil the marketing desire but also make the task much easier and simpler to perform. pdf to flipbook is one such renowned and most sought after software which not only helps you to market your product but also helps to give it a complete new value in the customers eye.

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